Maybe not as far as the calendar is concerned–I mean the Giro is just starting and everyone knows that is a race held in  the spring. There are other, more important indicators when it comes to divining the seasons namely the weather and the number of the bikes coming through the doors.
While the numbers have have reached summer levels, we have managed to keep things moving along smoothly, with the service queue being just over a week out. By June of last year we were two weeks out on service, which is a big bummer if you actually like riding your bike more than, say, having it worked on. The “new” shop set up has helped this no doubt, but having more room to walk around and generally not be right on top of each other as we try to fix your bike is nice as well. We’ve also added another member to our small bike repair pursuit team, Max, who comes to us after a stint at some other local shops, as well as Santa Cruz a bit further back. She’s a good mechanic, and an all around nice person, which offsets Bob’s Midwest demeanor. She also speaks Dutch, so you can ask her what those Sporza announcers are really saying.
It was decidedly unsummer like when we held our Leige event a couple weeks back, but a good number of you showed up anyway and braved some wet climbs and shiver inducing temps just for ’cause. We’ll host another shindig soon, maybe for the start of the tour (I’m just spit-balling here). Either way the weather will be nicer. I’m sure of it.
Lastly, a great number of you helped make our shop kits a reality, for which we will forever be grateful. So, THANK YOU! We’ll more details on this soon.
Oh yeah. Our man Kelly is going to give this ole site a facelift. Soon, yes very soon, we will have new web home.