The Days, They Just Run Away From You

Man, the days, they just run away from you. It has been weeks since I said I was going to write about the great Co-Motion Espresso build we did (there happens to be another one in the stand right now.) If you have stopped by the shop the last couple weeks then you’ve noticed that we’ve moved things around a bit, a move that I think really opens things up here, as Matt, Nate and I are no longer standing on top of each other in the service area. Now we just need a good rug to tie the retail lounge together.
I’m having a hard time dealing with the fact that it is nearly September. On an intellectual level I understand the marching of one day into the next, but that doesn’t stop me from shaking my head in bewilderment that fall is knocking at our door step. I had planned on having our CX Tune up and running this by this point, but shop life has gotten in the way. Honestly, we’ve reached the point where I’m ready for the slow down that accompanies the fall colors (just the same shade of green, against grayer sky really) and the Hodala fog machine, not to mention the cooler weather.
Hopefully, you, are more prepared for the up coming racing than I am and you’ve been attending BBQ Cross, hosted by Heartthrob Racing (in conjunction with The Polka Dot Jersey). I heard there were cup cakes a couple weeks ago, and had I know that you know my slightly chubby ass would have been there because that’s how it will be for me this year, racing for Redvine Hand-ups and heckles.
But let’s, for the sake of argument, marketing and blogging, say that you’re already dialed: you’ve got your file treads mounted, you’re hitting up cross practice, getting some flow on sections of urban single track, and the general public is wondering why you and your friends are riding around in circles while mounting and dismounting your bike. Thing is, there’s a creak a missed shift or some other kind of thing going on with that bike you haven’t ridden since your base miles ended. That, or you just want to make sure everything is in top order before you start racing. It’s for those reasons that I’ve brought the CX Tune up back for another year, this time with a bigger incentive to route your brakes the right way. Here are the details:
Complete Tune with BB overhaul
Frame and Drive train clean
Fresh ESI handle bar tape — this stuff is amazing, removable, washable and gets tacky in the wet. Perfect for cross (retails for $40)
Fresh cables and housing
moto brake routing
Cost: $165, or $190 if you decide to forgo the practicality of moto routing.