The Co-Motion Klatch Rules

As you might guess, Matt's favourite drop bar bikes are offroad drop bar bikes. Specifically, they're gravel bikes. And although Riley and Andrew don't have such a strong preference, the entire PDJ crew loves a good gravel bike. Getting out on a remote road and riding by forest waterfalls and through old train tunnels has an appeal that using the I-90 trail to get to Mercer Island doesn't. Not to mention that there aren't any cars on most gravel rides and that a gravel bike can do anything a road, touring, or cross bike can.

The Co-Motion Klatch is wriggling its way into our hearts. Maybe it's because this one is purple, or maybe it's due to the bike's playfulness and supremely smooth ride. Or perhaps the complete package of purple-tude and nippy handling is too much for us to resist. Who knows. Who cares. The Klatch kills! 

The stock builds that Co-Mo  put together are excellent, too. Stan's wheels and an Ultegra mechanical group are rock solid and will ensure that your smile won't turn to a frustrated grimace because pads have worn down or a tire's come unseated. Speaking of tires, and this won't come as a surprise to most of you, we put a pair of Vittoria's fantastic superb graphene'd Terreno Dry shoes on this bike. The supple construction and fast tread are a great match for PNW gravel and Vittoria's TNT casing is so well-designed that we can get these to seat with floor pumps 95% of the time.

We love, love, love this bike. It's the sort of whhhip that gets us excited to ride, and that's what's actually important, Strava be damned.