Pamp Up The Jam


People like bikes. Bikes are fun. Even the stiffest, fastest, most hunched over road bikes are fun. And for most people, bikes don't really have "a point," which is on some level "the point." Bikes are recreation. Some people get paid for riding bikes, but that's not the endgame for most, as much as that pains us to say it. Which is why this absolutely ridiculous Giant TCR was a no-brainer for Riley. Well that and because there's nothing like the refreshing zing of pamplemousse LaCroix.


The bike was painted by our friends down at Ruckus Composites in Portland, Oregon. Ruckus does the best carbon repair west of the Mississippi (and east, actually) and also some down-right unbelievably good paint. They recently expanded to another paint booth, and we're happy to hear that. Under the matte relief paint is a TCR Advanced SL, which is a bike and range we're partial to, even if we don't carry Giant.


The build features a bunch of Riley's favorite stuff: Lizard Skins bartape (although he also loves the Supacaz Sticky Kush because its name is so naughty), Vittoria Corsa G+ tires in the widest he can fit, the lovely Selle Italia Max Gel Flow saddle, SwissStop BXP brake pads, and a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. It's still a bit in progress, needing a steerer cut and heatshrink over the etube and rear brake housing, but the easy stuff is done, like the fun & colorful finishing tape on the bars.


Even though the bike needs a couple small touches to be "finished," it's never not time to ride. Those who know him can tell this is Riley's bike from the amount of dust caked on it - it's not a Riley ride if there's not a little road bikes offroad. "The 'road' in 'road bike' is a suggestion."


It's a happy bike with a happy rider. Bikes are fun!