Wreckoning LB, Styled by Riley


Our new best friend Melissa came in looking for an Evil demo. She wanted to ride family laps at Paradise, shred the Stevens lifts, and venture into the great white north now and again. The Wreckoning was on her wradar (hah) already, and riding one at her local haunts confirmed the suspicion.


The LB Wrecknoing gets a bottle mount, better (lighter, stiffer, springier!) carbon layup, and two great new colors. The bronze-brown matte finish reminds some people of root beer, and other people of... other things... but it comes stock with a black sticker kit and grips. Resident style master Riley picked out the gold sticker kit, orange Burgtec stem, and Melissa recommended the matching Evil Palmela Handerson grips. It is stupid good.


A couple swipes of heat shrink finish the job off cleanly.

Dreaming of Leschi lines...

Dreaming of Leschi lines...