Breakaway, Bab-ay


Our friend Steve made a plan to go to France and ride bikes and listen to music. It sounded pretty rough, so we were glad when he decided to build an awesome Ritchey Breakaway with a full R8000 kit.


Upon his return, he reported that the steel frame smoothed out the already pretty smooth French and Swiss roads, and the handsome classic geometry looks good regardless of what continent you're in.


There's something undeniably cool about the Breakwaway linkages. We like being able to see and feel the material of a bike, and this look does that. S&S couplers are fantastic and we love them as well, but they're a bit more modern and the process is lost a bit.


There's nothing left to say about the new Ultegra. 6700 worked, 6800 was awesome, R8000 is nearly perfect.