Classin' It Up With A Pinarello


If your criteria for what makes a bike good is that you enjoy spending time riding it, no bike is better than a well-maintained classic steel one. And no steel bikes are cooler than an old Italian one. So when Ben walked in after hours with this fantastically-patina'd Arriba, we got excited. Really. excited.

Perfect patina.

Perfect patina.

The bike had some issues—the shifters were beyond salvation, the bars were bent, and the saddle was awful, albeit stock and pretty groovy. And with every step of the process, we found more. The freehub, the cassette, the new used freehub... But the heart of the bike, the frame, is in perfect condition.

But eventually it all came together and we couldn't be happier. This frame is the definition of smooth and makes us want to ride. The Fizik Aliante is quickly becoming our favourite saddle, as well.

This bike was Matt's first attempt at Riley's 300-level finishing tape courses, and he killed it.