Riley's RIP 9 RDO (Another alliterative post!)


This is a long post. But it’s gonna be worth it. When Riley decided to go in on his new mountain bike, he really went in. It’s about to get sparkly. But first: the new RIP 9 is appropriately named, yada yada yada, come buy one, etc. Oh, who cares. Sparkles!


Well, first a couple more wide shots of that sick cement blue and green paint.


Now we’ve got the KING of sparkles. That saddle is a Soma Ensho Glitter. One of fifty in the world. That’s a brave choice on a mountain bike, especially when it’s one that Riley’s riding…


These grips are also sparkly. But we’re not at liberty to say what they are because they’re Riley’s “thing.” They’re very cushy though, and come in solid black, which is the colour you’d be buying.

Full scope of sparkle.


The Deity Copperhead comes in a pewter-y silver that complimented the rest of the spec nicely.


Of course it’s heat-shrunk!

This bike is all about lovin’ and carin’ and also shreddin’. Heart reacts only.