Doug's Offering to the Gods


Doug is a PDJ regular, and one of the nicer/friendlier people you could hope to meet. Doug races cars and has a Niner RLT 9, so suffice it say, Doug is pretty cool. We love Doug (in a friend way) and we love Doug’s adorable little beagle even more (sorry, Doug). So when he came in asking about an Offering, we knew it had to be loaded with all the parts that we love.


The stock builds on the Offering are pretty sweet, but there’s always room to perfect a great platform. Doug designed some Industry 9 Trail 270s on their anolab designer, which is an easy place to waste hours and hours.


And no mountain bike in 2019 is complete without an EDC tool. This is the quality-of-life upgrade to end them all. And it matches the wheels! Doug is more than set to shred Tokul and Tiger and Raging River and…