Rossman Randonneur


Sometimes there’s no big story to a bike that we like and it’s just simply cool and nice. All we did here was install some Dura-Ace bar-end shifters (which are some of the nicest-feeling shifters of all time!) and admire the bike. The stem cap turns the lights on and off!


Han Rossman is a Seattle framebuilder who embodies the same values that we do: let’s find out what you like to do and imagine what you will want to do in the future and make sure you never think about your bike, only how much you love it. From his website:

When you pin a number on for 1200K brevet or just an hour of muddy suffering I want you to have total confidence that you have the best tool for the job and that it was designed and built by someone who shares your passion for the task at hand.

Han is a good friend of ours and we see his orange cross bike every now and then. There’s no doubt that he’s the real deal and a great person to talk with for a custom steel bike. Dude knows his ish.

Bags are cool again!

Bags are cool again!