Andrew's Hardcore Hardtail


Some things will never go out of style once they come in. At the top of that list for mountain bikes we find:

  1. Hardtails.

  2. Trail bikes.

  3. Hydraulic cantilevers.

So when Andrew built something up to go with his dialed Transition Sentinel, it had to be an aggressive trail hardtail. Our friends are Cyclefab are warming to the idea of welding canti studs on.


When it comes to mountain bikes, Andrew will not stop until they’re perfect. Suspension, brakes, aesthetics… everything has to be perfect. And silent. Where Matt just wants to schralp corners and Riley just wants to not break both wrists, Andrew wants to hit 27 with a freshly rebuild shock. And so this Commencal Meta HT is spec’d and diaaaaled.


The high polish Guide RSCs take a good brake and make it bulletproof and meaty. The construction on these is fantastic, but the best part is how good they look. Which matches nicely with the bike’s party piece…


The silver cranks! Not an eeeeeewings because that’s sheer insanity (we’d still take your money for a set) but a Truvativ Descendant that Andrew spent three days sanding, buffing, grinding, and stripping to a raw aluminum finish. It paid dividends. The finishing kit is Tenet, and the gold chain is necessary.