The Last 27.5+ Jet 9... In the World


Well, here we are. Posting a bike that Niner doesn’t do anymore. But that’s really your fault. The customer might never be wrong, but as a group—as a consumer base—y’all are almost always wrong. Slacked-out 150/140mm plowin’ machines are the cool thing right now, but what if we told you you could actually have more fun?

Things that are fun, a ranked list

  1. Scaring your cat with a cucumber.

  2. The Niner Jet 9 RDO

  3. Huge mountain bike tires

And #2 plus #3 is even more fun than scaring your cat with a cucumber.


Unlike Riley, who absolutely aced the heat-shrink job on the cabling here, y’all ruined the 27.5+ Jet 9. How, you might ask? By not buying them! That put us in a sticky situation when Niner HQ decided overnight to stop (Evil the) Offering the plus-sized bikes without telling anyone. But since we’re geniuses, we got Luke on a plus Jet anyways. Because Luke knows what y’all don’t: this is peak fun.

Just look at all that rubber! We want twelve, but once again: y’all ruined this. You can still get a 29” version and put a 2.6” on it. But you ruiiiiinnnneeeed this.