Klatch Up, Young Guns


We’ve featured a Klatch before on here, so we’ll spare you the full rundown. It’s the best steel gravel bike on the market, no contest. And when Riley’s dad cracked his Fargo (for the second time, Steve…) there was no question. It had to be a Klatch. In Memphis blue.


The build was pretty no-brainer too: Astral wheels, Vittoria Terreno tires, Ultegra groupset. All the standard-for-a-good-reason stuff.

And every custom bike deserves a headtube badge.

Purple and Black Offering


When you want a really evil Evil what do you do? Black and red? Fire and brimstone? No, the evil of Evil is cunning, devilish, subtle. The answer is purple and black.

Continental Der Barons for predictable and fun grip! Industry Nine hubs to carbon Ibis rims for stiff!

Continental Der Barons for predictable and fun grip! Industry Nine hubs to carbon Ibis rims for stiff!

So when our buddy Isaac decided it was time to upgrade from his old Hightower to an Evil, we all agreed that it had to be purple.

Hope brakes are boutique heaven.

Hope brakes are boutique heaven.

ODI grips are grippy but also can be customized with purple bits. (Other colors available, but why would you?!)

ODI grips are grippy but also can be customized with purple bits. (Other colors available, but why would you?!)


If you needed more reason to want to buy a set of Hope brakes than the modulation and power, check out the machining marks! Oh MY.

Obligatory EDC tool.

Obligatory EDC tool.

Matt's Niner RIP 9


When Niner rolled out the redesigned RIP 9, everyone wanted the grey and blue colour, including us. So we got a couple in as demos and the first people who took them out called from the trailhead after their first ride to buy them from us. So we need another one to demo. Unfortunately at that point everyone wanted the Santa Fe sand colour and they were on backorder, so we only just got it in the shop! Also unfortunately, Matt likes it and it’s now his bike that you can borrow whenever.


The bike is low, long, and modern.

And since Riley put it together, it’s unique and custom. Note the topcap! We’re out of the first run of the splatter caps, but a new batch should be ready in a week or two.


Our friends at Tenet Components make a gnarly 9-degree sweep bar that Matt is crazy about and it pairs really well with the 2k19 trail bike geometry.


And god, that paint is so beautiful! This bike shreds Tokul.

Doug's Offering to the Gods


Doug is a PDJ regular, and one of the nicer/friendlier people you could hope to meet. Doug races cars and has a Niner RLT 9, so suffice it say, Doug is pretty cool. We love Doug (in a friend way) and we love Doug’s adorable little beagle even more (sorry, Doug). So when he came in asking about an Offering, we knew it had to be loaded with all the parts that we love.


The stock builds on the Offering are pretty sweet, but there’s always room to perfect a great platform. Doug designed some Industry 9 Trail 270s on their anolab designer, which is an easy place to waste hours and hours.


And no mountain bike in 2019 is complete without an EDC tool. This is the quality-of-life upgrade to end them all. And it matches the wheels! Doug is more than set to shred Tokul and Tiger and Raging River and…

Orange-on-Orange-on-Orange RKT 9

When Robert swung by and told us he wanted a bike he could enjoy pedaling up and ripping down for full day rides, we knew it had to be the Niner RKT 9. We went with an XO1 build for precise, poppy shifts, and upgraded from stock where it would make things better.

Stop one was a pair of i9 Ultralights. Carbon wheels are awesome, but not quite worth it in our book. For what Robert said he wanted to do, the 3-degree engagement on a Torch hub was going to be a better improvement, and the better day-to-day experience of an aluminum rim would let the bike get out on the trails whenever it was time. And colored spokes are always good, clean fun.


When e came to the subject of power meters, we decided that the Race Face Cinch meter's weight, simplicity, and battery life were the end of that story. Combined with a burly, but light pair of Next R crank arms, there's not much more to ask for.


Being the dirtbag struggle up, crash down goons that we are, we spec'd a pair of 800x35.0mm Chromag BZA bars and a meaty Chromag BZA stem on there in place of the race-spec 760x31.8's. And we threw a Reverb 1X on, which Niner clearly wasn't expecting most people to do. Andrew got it done, but the effort nearly killed him. Still, despite all the burly parts we used, it still weighs 25.4 pounds! Ridiculous! Ridiculous fun!

Seeing someone's excitement when they collect a bike that is perfect for what they want to do is the biggest reason we keep showing up. And that's why we love having Niner in our repertoire: these bikes are good, clean fun.

Squid! Paint! Cross!

Here's a sneak peak preview of the first Squid that we built. We're happy to have the good folks in Sacramento do a paintjob for you, or for you to DIYFS, but Riley is also very happy to design and paint for you. Like, really happy.

Look at how happy he is doing touch-up paint with his gross, dirty cast hand! The bike is built and complete now, so you'll be seeing it in the next couple days...!

The Dream RLT


When Peter came to us to find a replacement for his ti Lemond, we knew it had to be an RLT. And when he said he wanted his bike to be able to do all the rides he wanted to and also make zippy zappy robot derailleur noises, we priced out a couple options, but it always had to be eTap HRD. The ease of use, liveability, and performance are unmatched, and it's not significantly more expensive than a Di2 kit.


Not to mention that it just looks clean. It makes us dream of the days when we have wireless electronic brakes (dreams from which we wake up screaming when we reach the part where we've just turned around at the Hurricane Ridge visitor station to find we forgot to charge up the night before).


It's really easy to spec out a bike with all the go-fast "look at me!" carbon bits you can find—that takes a deep wallet and the ability to discern which number is the least. And those bikes are cool, but not as cool as a classy and tasteful build with solid, reliable, and (more) beautiful aluminum bits.


The eTap does make people pay attention, though.


We've gushed over these wheels a lot lately, but they really are amazing when paired with a supple tire like these Barlow Passes. They really let the tire do its job and they're fantastic.


Astral Buenos Aires Upgrade

These days, as you can tell, we look first to Eugene, Oregon for wheels. Rolf/Astral are making aluminum rims in-house, getting White Industries hubs, and building them by hand to order. Every set comes with a card with your builder's name.

So when Mitch walked in with this beautiful LeMond Buenos Aires and a pair of dangerous Bontrager wheels, we knew exactly what was needed. A 1370g wheelset that's stiff enough to let a Vittoria Corsa shine in all its suppleness.

And we were all pretty jazzed on how they look, too.

I Follow You MB, Baby


Tadd wanted a bike to pedal up Master Link and grin down O.T.G. Was there ever any doubt? The Following v.1 was pretty damn good. Bottomless 120/120 bikes are nippy and fun. Then Evil decided to freshen it up with wider spacing and trunion-ier mounts and with plus tires it's stupid fun. With 29ers it's a stupid fast Swiss army knife and the perfect bike for Tadd.


The new matte-not-black Evil paint offerings are ridiculously cool. Subtly badass.


Tadd chose the X01 build for maximum shifting. And maximum shifting performance.

The OneUp Comp pedals are the best pedals out there, argue otherwise and you're wrong. or have a different preference for a very subjective bike component.


Radiant Golden Suns


You'll hear em before they come into view, and you'll see gold reflections on the trees before you see the wheels, but boy when you finally see em... they gold.

They really gold. Industry Nine makes some of the best mountain bike wheels in the game for a ridiculous price. Strong, stiff, and light. And customizable! These Trail 270s got a level two custom pack, but you can go level three and go crazy with multiple colors.

RLT Everything

Susan wanted a bike to replace her Scattante that'd be longer on long road rides, cruise the Iron Horse to Hyak, and take fenders. And the RLT 9 RDO does all that while still being fun.


We put gunmetal grey PDW Full Metal Fenders on, and they look so smooth. It's always great when accents match, and the fenders are the same metallic satin as the stainless steel bottle cages we bolted on.

The RLTs come with fender hardware, but custom fab is always fun!

The RLTs come with fender hardware, but custom fab is always fun!

Susan's other big criteria was tubeless tires. The Compass Barlow Pass is a fabulous all-year speed cushion.

Michael's Utility Fishing Shred Sled


Michael told us he wanted a bike that he would work for taking to Duthie with his son, Tiger when his son's older, and ride to the river with boots and a rod to fly fish. The Niner SIR 9 is the perfect tool for that. Modern, slack, and long, but compatible with plus tires, frame bags, rear racks, steel! The SIR 9 would be a genuinely great "a-bike" for Raging River and Tokul, but like the RLT, it can do so much more than just what most shreddin' performance bikes in its genre do


The bike was a great starting point, and we passed the bag design off to Aaron at Big Tuna Bags. This frame bag is a full custom color-matched job. You'll never see two identical ones.

There's not much more to say, so enjoy the rest of these pics of the hand-stitched bag! This bike is gonna be extra-sick when we swap to some plus-sized wheels!!